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GameTime is a professionally led online membership program designed to empower parents like you in their journey toward Mindful-Ish® Parenting. So, leave the sidelines and unleash your best parenting self with the support of our dedicated team. 

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GameTime provides ongoing support to families looking to find community and guidance as they embrace the Mindful-Ish® approach to parenting.

What does the GameTime Membership include?

Live mini masterclasses and Q&A sessions covering a range of parenting topics with a Mindful-Ish® touch. Get access to Coach Franny and other professionals supporting holistic parenting.

A private Circle community where you can connect with other parents, ask questions, offer support, and receive support from Team Mindful-Ish®

A catalog of all our live recordings and library of parenting resources for convenient learning and on-demand support. 

Team Huddles

The Locker Room

Parenting Replays

My coach sees the true person in front of them and understands what he or she needs. My coach is spectacularly intelligent, witty, and incredibly compassionate. Their intuition is part of their magic! Mindful-Ish® helps people transform with love, understanding, and stamina! With Mindful-Ish® on your side, you are going to win!

Mindful-Ish   is a force for all that is good in people.

- Shelley Scudder | Parent, Empowerment Coach & Retired Broward County Public School Teacher


After a month of staying at home, our family was having a very difficult time, till we reached rock bottom. At that point, we started our journey with Mindful-Ish®, and haven't looked back. They helped us, thereby enabling us to be more grounded and mindful parents. I highly recommend working with them to any parents looking to be the best parent they can be.

As a family, we came out of COVID much stronger. But it didn't start that way.

- Mendy, Father of 5, Miami Beach, FL

Join Mindful-Ish® for GameTime 

And explore topics like…

  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Anger & Aggression
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Whining & Clinging
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Child Development Skills & Milestones
  • Anxiety & Irritability
  • Advocating for Your Child at School
  • Parenting Partnerships
  • Mindful-Ish® Movement & Breathwork
  • & More!

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I empower families with challenging children to come together as problem solving teams through a Mindful-Ish® approach to parenting. 

I created Mindful-Ish® after struggling with my own journey of parenting a challenging child. Years of devoted study of conscious parenting, mindfulness techniques, neurodevelopment and social-emotional learning combined with my keen intuition have come together to create a Mindful-Ish® approach, designed to support the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of families. 

I’m devoted to helping parents become the best version of themselves so they can experience the joy of parenting while raising conscious, resilient human beings in our ever-changing world.

I’m Fran Rubio-Katz (but you can call me Coach Franny)

Meet Your Head Coach!

It's GameTime

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Immediate access to the Locker Room 

Immediate access to parenting replays and resources

Immediate access to a calendar of live events

all for just $27/mo

When you join you'll receive...

(An online community for Mindful-Ish® parents)

(On-demand support for every challenge this season throws your way)

 (So you know what topics are coming up and when)

Want to take a peek inside


Checkout this video where we give a full rundown of GameTime and what to expect.

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Stay Mindful-Ish

In GameTime, parents can find the support they need in every season. Together we can make it through challenging times and celebrate all of life’s victories. 

Let's Make Shift Happen.



frequently asked questions

Can my child participate in GameTime?

GameTime is for you, the adult. It is a sacred container to check in with yourself and make small shifts resulting in a compound effect of long-term personal development and interacting more mindfully with your family.

Do you offer 1:1 access to coaches during the program?

GameTime is a virtual group setting with weekly group calls and a support community hosted through Circle. You will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each call and anytime in the support community. 

What can I expect of the call schedule?

The call schedule will change month over month to accommodate changing schedules, but rest assured that all sessions are recorded for your anytime-access under Parenting Replays.

I told my friend about GameTime, and she wants to sign up for the next one. Can I be compensated?

We have an affiliate program and you will be able to sign up once you are a part of our community. 

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Call recordings are all available for you to replay at any time. Try making a date of it! Instead of cozying up to the latest Netflix Original, turn on a Parenting Replay and be Mindful-Ish® while staying connected with your parenting partner.

What if GameTime doesn't work for me?

We know the value of implementing Mindful-Ish® in your home. Your commitment to creating change will pay off for you and your family.

Inside of GameTime, we teach effective yet practical ways to communicate and problem-solve with your family. We teach strategies to tackle challenges you may face this season or next.

We want to ensure you get the best experience possible, and if something is not working for you, we want to fix it. To let us know something isn't working for you, head to and send us a message! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I have done a lot of self-development and mindfulness work. How is GameTime different?

First, GameTime helps you apply your self-development and mindfulness work to your parenting, discipline style, and relationship with your child. You'll be able to see how all of the different parts of your life are connected.

Second, GameTime is constantly evolving. New content will always be added while oldie but goodie content will be easily accessible.

My partner/co-parent and I want to do the GameTime together. Can we receive a discounted price?

Yes. Please email us at

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

GameTime is the right for you if you are ready to make an impactful change in your home and be the best possible parent you can be. 

Are you ready for GameTime?

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